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Can you get married at Christmas?

Posted: Sunday December 08, 2013

There’s just 17 days until Christmas as so for just a small handful of couples across the UK, there’s just 17 days until their big day. Although a common belief that it’s not possible to get married on Christmas Day, there’s actually no legal reason why you can’t. In fact, provided your venue and vicar or registrar are available and happy to marry you, you can hold your wedding on the most festive day of the year.

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How to chose a wedding photographer

Posted: Wednesday December 04, 2013

With photography accounting for around 10% of your wedding budget it’s tempting to cut out the costs of using a professional photographer on your big day by relying on friends and family to get snaps of your wedding. After all, anyone with a big camera can take good photos, right? Wrong. And by choosing the photography skills of Uncle Mike or Cousin Susan, you could leave yourself without any decent photos or tangible memories of your big day.

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How to choose wedding flowers

Posted: Sunday November 24, 2013

Flowers are the ultimate accessory for any wedding. They are carried by the bride, worn by the wedding party, used to decorate the church or ceremony room and very often placed in the centre of tables at the wedding reception. So choosing the right colour and style of flowers can be a daunting task.

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