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Do I need wedding insurance?

Posted: Monday December 30, 2013

According to website compareweddinginsurance.org.uk, the average wedding in 2013 cost around £14,500.  This is a huge amount of money to lose should something go wrong, however unlikely that is.  Today there are many providers of wedding insurance which can cover individual elements or the whole day should the worst happen.  But is there any other way of protecting your wedding?  Before you go ahead and take out wedding insurance the team at Braxted Park suggest you look at the following to see if you are already covered for some elements:

Home insurance:  Many insurance providers will allow you to increase your premium and cover for the weeks before and after your wedding to cover the cost of items such a wedding rings, wedding dresses and gifts.  Check your cover to see if these items are protected away from your home.  For example, if you lose your wedding rings away from your home, will you be covered?

Section 75: This is a little known and a little used piece of consumer protection that could mean much of your wedding is protected.  If you pay for anything more than £100 but less than £30,000 with a credit card you can claim your money back from the credit card provider should something go wrong which constitutes a breach of contract.  For example, if your DJ doesn’t show up or your venue is double booked. 

Chargeback protection:  Visa provides a similar service called Chargeback which protects you for anything you purchase on a Visa debit card.  However, unlike Section 5, this is not a legal requirement and while your card provider should try to get you your money back, there is no legal obligation to.

There is lots of information on the protection available to you on the Which? Website.  It is also worth speaking to wedding insurance providers to see exactly what they cover before deciding on one as all provide a slightly different level of coverage.

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