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How to choose wedding flowers

Posted: Sunday November 24, 2013

Flowers are the ultimate accessory for any wedding.  They are carried by the bride, worn by the wedding party, used to decorate the church or ceremony room and very often placed in the centre of tables at the wedding reception.  So choosing the right colour and style of flowers can be a daunting task. 

Braxted Park has hosted thousands of weddings and has helped many brides and grooms choose the perfect flowers for their big days.  Here are Braxted Park’s top five tips for choosing the right wedding flowers: 

1. Choose your wedding dress first.  When you are considering wedding flowers you need to ensure they complement your wedding dress in terms of style and colour.  A simple wedding dress should be complimented with a simple bouquet; the bigger the dress, the bigger the bouquet.  The colour of your dress will also make a difference as, when it comes to wedding dresses, white isn’t always white.  Your dress may be cream or ivory and therefore you want flowers in a similar shade. 

2. Consider your venue.  Is your reception venue a modern hotel or a classic country house?  Perhaps you have chosen a barn.  All these spaces are very different and therefore need dressing in different ways.  In a modern, crisp looking hotel room you could go for bold statements for your floral centrepieces with bright colours but in a county house you may need to keep the centrepieces simple and elegant to match the existing décor. 

3. What is your budget?   Wedding flowers can eat into a huge chunk of your wedding budget if you let them, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Flowers vary hugely in price depending on the variety and it is possible to get beautiful and striking floral arrangements on a small budget.  Traditional wedding flowers such as lilies and roses can be expensive but cheaper flowers such as gerberas can provide a simple yet elegant display of colour.  Make sure you think seasonal too.  If you use flowers that would normally be in bloom in the UK during the time of your wedding they may well be cheaper as they won’t have been imported.  Most importantly of all, shop around.  While most florists offer good value for money, a small minority will up the price tag when they hear “wedding”.  Speak to three of four florists about your plans and ask friends and family where they got their flowers from. 

4. Who needs flowers?  Traditionally it is the bride and her bridesmaids who carry bouquets with button holes for the groom, his attendants, and any men attending the wedding with corsages for the women in the wedding party. If you are going to stick with tradition, chose flowers that will keep their shape and colour if let out of water for some time and that are small enough to be used as a button hole.  Bear in mind, though, that if you have a large wedding, providing this amount of flowers will add a significant chunk to your wedding budget.  Instead, consider providing flowers for the bride, bridesmaids, groom and his attendants only.  Your guests will understand and you can let them know in advance where you bought your flowers from in case they decide to buy a button hole themselves 

5. Be practical.  When it comes to weddings it’s very easy to put common sense aside, but you do need to think through the practicalities of your flowers and how they will be used.  As the bride you will need to carry your flowers into the wedding ceremony and hold them for photographs.  Many brides choose to keep hold of their flowers for most of the day.  Therefore choosing a large, heavy bouquet may not be the best idea.  What about your bridesmaids?  If you are having small bridesmaids, will they be able to hold the bouquets you have chosen for them?  If you are using the same flowers for your table centrepieces, can your guests see each other through the floral display?   Having a big, bold floral decoration for your table is all well and good, but if your guests can only see the people sitting next to them, you may need to reconsider.

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