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Top tips for a wedding day menu

Posted: Wednesday November 20, 2013

Choosing a menu for your wedding day can be as stressful as finding the perfect dress for the bride or location for the reception.  Get it right and your day will be a success.  Get it wrong and your day will be memorable for all the wrong reasons.  But follow these top tips for choosing a wedding day menu and you won’t go wrong:

1. Choose the right caterer – Choosing the right caterer can ensure your wedding runs smoothly, both on the day and during the lead up.  There are so many companies out there now providing wedding catering that it can be overwhelming to try to choose between them.  Speak to your wedding venue to find out who has worked there previously as if they know the venue and its kitchens and the layout, it will help your day run to time.  Ask the caterer for references and testimonials and speak to other couples who have used them.  Do you have a specific food or theme in mind – do they specialise?  For example, if you are organising an Asian or Caribbean wedding you may want to use a caterer who specialises in that food.  Most importantly, choose a caterer who you feel a rapport with, you trust and you know you can work with – you will have to talk to them on many occasions on the lead up to your big day and they will be responsible for the biggest element of your reception.   

2. Never let your guests go hungry - Weddings can go on for a full 12 hours, sometimes even more, so you need to ensure you provide enough food for your guests.  Try not to leave more than two or three hours in between food, so if you are not eating until 4pm, make sure you have some canapés on hand otherwise you may find your guests counting down the minutes until dinner rather than enjoying themselves.  Worse still, your guests may top up on alcohol instead and be a drunken mess by dinner.

3. Dare to be different – It's your bug day, so if you want to do something unusual with your wedding day menu, try it.  Instead of canapés during the drinks reception, why not try afternoon tea?  If you are having a seaside wedding, why not serve miniature fish and chips in the evening instead of the traditional buffet?  Instead of a sweet dessert, why not try cheese and biscuits for your guests to share and enjoy during the speeches – the choice is yours.

4. But keep your guests in mind – The food you serve to your guests will either make or break your wedding reception.  While you may want to do something completely different, like sushi for starters, this is no good if you have more traditional eaters amongst your guests.  Try to find a way of incorporating unusual elements into a menu that will suit everyone – a good caterer will be able to help you with this.

5. Match your menu to the weather – Although the British weather is somewhat unpredictable, try to match your wedding day food to the season.  Winter weddings suit a warming soup for starter followed by a roast dinner main, while a salad starter is more suited to summer weddings.  Summer weddings also allow for alternative evening food such as a barbeque or hog roast as these can be served outside.

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