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Wonderful Winter Weddings

Posted: Monday September 30, 2013

Weddings were once the reserve of the summer months but more recently the popularity of winter weddings has grown dramatically.  This time of year gives couples the chance to get married against a really unique backdrop and theme the wedding accordingly. But as with spring and summer weddings, there are many factors to consider when choosing a winter wedding day.

One of the main advantages of a winter wedding is that you could potentially save money on the total cost of the day. This time of year is seen by many supplier and venues as their low season and therefore there are often some great deals to be had on everything from entertainment through to the wedding dress.

If you get married around the Christmas period you could also save on decorations and centre pieces as those venues that are used as Christmas party venues may already be decorated, and may allow you to recycle these trimmings. 

Summer brides and grooms often face issues with the availability of guests, with many squeezing their annual holidays in over this period. Therefore holding your wedding in winter will mean that many more of your chosen guest list will be able to attend so none of your friends or family have to miss out on seeing you get married.

The main downside to a winter wedding is the weather. Lots of wedding receptions are held in big period style buildings or marquees which can often be cold. It’s therefore important you visit your venue over the winter period to ensure it is properly heated to prevent your guests getting cold. As your guests probably won’t want to venture into the grounds of the venue in cold weather, check the building is as beautiful inside as it is out, and make sure your guests won’t feel penned in all day. While rain is to be expected at all times in the UK, there’s the chance your winter wedding could be affected by snow. If your wedding venue is off the beaten track, you should sure there are measures in place to stop you all being snowed out on the big day.

Winter brides face the problem of choosing a dress that is both beautiful and practical enough to keep her warm. These days all good wedding dress designers and stores stock a range of shrugs and wraps that look beautiful with most wedding dresses, so it’s worth shopping around to make sure you find one that really matches your dress. You should also think about your bridesmaids. While your choice of dress for them may look beautiful, are they going to be comfortable and warm as well? 
You should also take into consideration your guests attire. No doubt many will arrive with a thick winter coat. If you don’t want these hung on the back of chairs all evening you should ensure you have a cloakroom facility. This could be something as simple as a clothes rail in a discreet corner, or you could ask your venue to look after this for you.

Your menu choice should also reflect the time of year. Why not go for something really seasonal and include soup as a starter and a warm dessert? You could even consider serving mulled wine or cider, and have hot drinks available throughout the evening. You don’t need to stop at instant coffee and tea – why not serve your guests cocoa towards the end of the evening, or spice up their coffees with a liqueur?

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