A stunning wedding venue in Essex

Wedding transport choices

Posted: Friday March 21, 2014

As with all things wedding based, when it comes to wedding transport the choices available are unlimited. From horse drawn carriages through to sports cars and even robotic elephants, Braxted Park has seen them all. So if you are planning a wedding, what are the options available to you?

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What is a pre-nup?

Posted: Wednesday March 05, 2014

There’s been lots of talk in the media this week about pre-nups as the Law Commission has drafted a Bill which, if implemented, would bring legally recognised pre-nuptial agreements into effect.

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Braxted Park Launches Small Wedding Package at Open Day

Posted: Friday February 07, 2014

Couples who want to hold their wedding in a small, intimate setting can now do so in the stunning surroundings of a county estate thank to Braxted Park’s new small wedding package.

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