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Evening food choices for your wedding

Posted: Thursday April 17, 2014

If you are planning a wedding you may have already thought about the menu choices for you day guests.  But what about food for your evening guests?  While it may be easy to opt for the standard cold finger buffet, there are many more options than you might think out there, all of which could add a little something to your wedding atmosphere.

- Hog Roast – Hog roasts are now an incredibly popular choice for evening wedding food.  It is a spectacle to stand and watch, and tastes delicious too.

- BBQ – If you are planning a summer wedding, why not go for the ultimate summer food?  A bbq is a great way of getting your quests up and mixing with each other and you could opt for locally produced sausages and burgers for that extra class.

- Hot Buffet – For Autumn and winter weddings, a hot buffet is always a good choice.  Curry lovers could provide a spread of their favourite Indian dishes, or you could chose food related to your honeymoon.  For example, fajitas if you are off to Mexico for your honeymoon.

- Bacon Rolls – If your main wedding meal is not until later in the day, your guests may not be ready for another meal in the evening.  Why not put on a spread of bacon and sausage rolls at around 9pm, washed down with a mug of tea?  It’s also a great way of ensuring your guests don’t feel the effect of the non-stop flow of alcohol throughout the day.

- Cheese board – There is such a huge variety of cheese available these days that you could create a giant cheeseboard and find something to suit all tastes.  Speak to a local producer to get the best deals.

- Canapés – Often guests are having such a good time on the dance floor that they forget about the food waiting for them at the back of the room.  Why not serve canapés throughout the evening to your guests, ensuring everyone has something to eat.

- Fish and chips – The ultimate British dish, everyone loves fish and chips.  Serve mini portions in pretty paper cones, or go the whole hog and hire a chip van for the evening to come and serve your guests.

If you are not sure what would work best for your wedding, speak to your venue who will be able to advise on past menu choices.

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