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Five expenses not to forget when planning your wedding

Posted: Wednesday January 22, 2014

With so many couples getting engaged over Christmas and the New Year, January is a busy time for wedding planning, and setting your wedding budget is one of the most important parts of the planning process.  It’s been reported that in 2012 the average wedding cost around £20,000, so knowing exactly where your money is going is incredibly important if you have a small or tight budget to stick to.

While most couples consider the obvious expenses – dress, venue, food -  there are some costs that can be forgotten and these can add a significant amount to your wedding budget.

- Wedding night accommodation.  Many couples who get married with us at Braxted Park choose to stay in our beautiful cottage on the estate.  But not all venues offer onsite accommodation so you need to consider this.  Accommodation can really vary in prize, with many bridal sweets costing £150 upwards.  On top of this you need to think about transport to the hotel as most wedding car hire is only for a few hours and will probably not include transport after the reception has finished.

- Postage costs for invitations. If you are planning to post your invitations out, you need to add 60p for each invite.  Depending on your numbers, you could be looking at £50 on postage alone.

- Gifts for your wedding party.  Although not essential, it is traditional to give members of your wedding party thankyou gifts.  This can include you bridesmaids, ushers and parents.  Even a small token gift for each could add £100 to your wedding day costs

- Table decorations. Making your tables look fabulous on your big day can certainly add up.  It is possible to keep costs down, but centrepieces, favours and place names all need to be considered.  Spending as little as £1 on a place name and favour for each of your guests along with a simple centrepiece could add hundreds to the total cost of your wedding.

- Church and registrar costs. This is the biggest forgotten cost.  You must budget around £400 for a mid-week civil wedding, even more at the weekend.  For church weddings you need to budget around the same but some churches charge extra for use of the choir, organist and bell-ringers.  

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