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How to choose a wedding photographer

Posted: Wednesday September 10, 2014

With photography accounting for around 10% of your wedding budget it’s tempting to cut out the costs of using a professional photographer on your big day by relying on friends and family to get snaps of your wedding.  After all, anyone with a big camera can take good photos, right?  Wrong.  And by choosing the photography skills of Uncle Mike or Cousin Susan, you could leave yourself without any decent photos or tangible memories of your big day.

Wedding photography can cost anything from a couple of hundred pounds up to thousands of pounds, so how can you chose a wedding photographer you know can be relied upon to take pictures that you will look back on for years to come without breaking the bank?  The team at Braxted Park have many years’ experience in working with professional photographers and gives the following tips for finding a wedding photographer.

1) Ask around – Most of us know someone who has recently been married so ask them who they used.  Ask to see their wedding photos – most brides are more than happy to show you their pictures.  Ask if they would recommend their photographer.  Also speak to your wedding venue.  Braxted Park has a number of wedding albums from different photographers available to browse through.

2) Think of the style you want -  Some photographers are brilliant at all the posed images and group shots; others are better at action photos and catching people as they are chatting and enjoying themselves.  Make sure the photographer you use is happy to get the photos you want.

3) What’s included in the price?  Are you paying one fee for everything or is editing and print of images extra?  A photographer may seem reasonably priced but if you then need to add the cost of editing or printing this could add up.

4) Who owns the images – Some photographers keep hold of the copyright for your images meaning all future prints must be ordered through him or her.  Sometimes it’s cheaper to print pictures elsewhere so find out who owns the copyright and if it is possible to buy a copyright free disc so you can print your own images.

5) Get looking early!  Good wedding photographers are often booked up well in advance.  Once you have your date and venue sorted, start looking for a wedding photographer to make sure the one you want is available for your big day.

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