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Should I hire or buy my wedding suit?

Posted: Monday November 17, 2014

When it comes to wedding outfits, often it is the bride’s dress that is given a lot of consideration as well as a good chunk of the budget.  But what about the groom’s outfit?  It is equally important that, on the big day, the groom feels comfortable, his choice of outfit matches the venue and compliments the bride and it reflects his personal style.

Daytime informal

Although it is traditional to wear a suit, it isn’t an essential and increasing numbers of grooms are choosing an alternative, especially when the wedding and venue is more relaxed. For spring and summer weddings go for a light-coloured suit or try chinos with a blazer. Keep it casual in winter by wearing a darker business style suit in a heavier fabric or a darker blazer. Accessorise with a plain shirt, a matching tie and plain coordinating shoes.


Whether you are getting married in winter or summer a black or dark grey lounge suit is ideal for a semiformal wedding. Navy and royal blue is also very popular now. Consider a waistcoat in the same colour, enabling you to remove your jacket throughout the day and still look smart and stand out from the crowd.  Add some of your own personal style though your shoes, tie choice and handkerchief.


The traditional morning suit is still very popular for grooms, especially when getting married in grand surroundings like those at Braxted Park. But many designers and retailers now offer a modern take on the morning suit, combining tradition with style. Combine the suit with a matching pair of trousers, coordinating waistcoat and either a cravat or tie.

Should I hire or buy my wedding suit?

Wedding suit hire of the past often resulted in grooms wearing worn out, ill-fitting clothes but the majority of today’s hire companies have really upped their game, meaning hire is now a real option.

Hiring a suit


  • Many of the large high street stores now have a good selection of stylish suits for hire so you can really choose a colour and style to match your big day. Many stock designer names too.
  • If you have a limited budget hiring a suit means you can get a stylish suit – possibly even a designer one – for your big day without blowing the budget.
  • If you have chosen to wear a morning suit, or are getting married abroad and pick a linen suit, it is unlikely you will wear it again so hiring could be the sensible option.


  • Like many brides choose to keep their dresses after their big day, you may want to keep hold of the suit you tied the knot in and this won’t be possible with a hire suit.
  • You need to ensure someone takes responsibility for returning your suit, and those of the ushers if you hire for them too. Any missing or damaged suits, waistcoats, ties etc. will have to be paid for.

Buying a wedding suit


  • Having a suit made is a real luxury and a tailored suit, made to fit you perfectly, can really help to compliment your figure, hiding any areas you are conscious of.
  • Although hire shops will have a good range to choose from, by buying your suit you have the pick of the entire market making it easier to find the perfect suit for you.
  • You will have a stunning suit to keep hold of for years to come and you won’t have to worry about returning it the following day.


  • Buying a suit will be much more expensive than hiring. Having a suit made completely from scratch will cost you at least £1000 while having a suit tailored to fit can cost around £500.
  • Buying off the peg you will cost much less but there is no guarantee that you will find a suit to fit you perfectly.
  • If you want your ushers in the same suits as you it will quickly get very expensive.
  • By picking a completely bespoke suit you will have to commit time for fittings in the lead up to your wedding.


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