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Wedding day table decoration ideas

Posted: Wednesday November 26, 2014

Wedding tablescapes can set the scene for gorgeous wedding backdrops. From flower-filled centerpieces to less traditional, quirky designs, the tablescape is a great starting point for the theme of your wedding decorations. We take a look at our favourite tablescapes including everything from the classic and traditional styles through to the kooky and modern themes.

Keep it fun & creative

Table decorations don’t have to be one-size-fits-all and the same at every wedding, just like they don’t have to be merely a centerpiece and nothing else. The tables are a great place to get creative and have a bit of fun.

Why not try something different like air balloons floating down the centre of a long rectangular table? Or get creative with a bohemian look and use earthy substances like moss, leaves and antlers for a woodland feel.

Don’t overlook shabby chic and rustic

Flowers are a great way to achieve a shabby chic or rustic feel on a wedding table, from a rustic tree log or trunk as the base for jars and jugs of flowers to shabby crates overflowing with beautifully chic flowers.

Let there be light!

Light, especially dim lighting, can add atmosphere and romance to table decorations. Some beautifully placed, decorative candles, lanterns or fairy lights can look stunning on the tables.

Candles can be a very cost effective idea too, as all you need is some cheap white stick candles to place in clear wine bottles placed down the centre of a long table and you have a budget table design that looks fab! Remember - if you’re opting for a low-cost, budget friendly option, quantity is important to avoid a table looking too sparse.

Don’t forget seasonality

Dependent on the time of year, you can create great seasonal table decorations to suit the theme of your wedding and the weather outside.

From pumpkins for an autumn wedding, to pine cones and reindeer for a winter wedding, these can look stunning on your wedding tables and the theme is naturally carried on outside, with red and yellow leaves on the ground in autumn and snow or frost on the ground in winter.

East meets West

The warm palette colours and textures of the far East can add a pop of colour to your wedding as well as a great backdrop. Perfect for a cultural wedding or adding some cosy tones to an Autumn/Winter wedding.

Quirky, kooky & cool!

Try something a bit quirky as a table centrepiece, something whimsical like a helium balloon that’s made to look like a hot air balloon. It’s something different, kooky and very cool that you won’t see at many other weddings.

Woodland and wild

An enchanted woodland themed wedding table decoration is simply magical, create a table that is more like a picnic area, perfect for those brides and grooms who love a bit of fantasy and romance.

Personal touches make the difference

Remember that at the end of the day your wedding day is exactly that, it’s yours! Make it your own and showcase your personalities throughout the day, the venue and decorations.Stand out from the crowd and let your decorating decisions be a reflection of the things you love and enjoy, so you and your guests will remember that special day for ever more.

For visual inspiration of these themes check out our Pinterest board.


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