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Posted: Friday March 21, 2014

As with all things wedding based, when it comes to wedding transport the choices available are unlimited.  From horse drawn carriages through to sports cars and even robotic elephants, Braxted Park has seen them all.  So if you are planning a wedding, what are the options available to you?

Take the bus – Route Master buses are increasingly popular with couples planning their wedding transport.  They are an excellent way of transporting your guests between the ceremony and the reception venue and means the bride and groom can travel with their guests if they chose.  Just check with your venue that they permit such large vehicles.

Go retro – Traditionally couples have chosen a Rolls Royce, Bentley or other classic car to transport their wedding party.  Why not try something different and chose a more retro car such as a fleet of Beatles, Minis or Figaros?

Go Camp!  VW Campervans are the wedding vehicle of the moment with many couples choosing them for their big day.  Not only do they look great but they can fit quite a few guests in to each one.

Two wheels instead of four - If you are feeling adventurous why not consider a motorbike with a sidecar, a scooter or even a tandem for your big day?  Brilliant if your ceremony and reception venues are only a short distance apart.  Just make sure you choose a suitable wedding dress!

Princess carriages – The traditional horse and carriage is the ultimate method of transport for brides with aspirations of being a princess.  They look fantastic in wedding photos and will be a great attraction for the younger members of your wedding party.  But most horse and carriages can only go a short distance so are only suitable if your wedding venue and reception venue are close together.  Also check with the venue that they are happy to have the horses on the premises.

Rodney you Plonker! – Probably more one for the boys, but how about a novelty car such as a yellow Reliant Robin, Only Fools and Horses style?  This will look amazing in photographs and is bound to be a talking point.

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