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Alternative wedding cake ideas

Posted: Saturday April 18, 2015

While the traditional three layered wedding cake is still very much loved by many couples, it’s not for everyone and we are finding more and more couples are trying something a little more unique on their big day.  So with the trend for cupcakes and big wedding cakes growing old, what can people do instead? 

Here are our top five suggestions for an alternative to wedding cake: 

Say cheese! 
If you are planning to serve your guests cheese and biscuits after their meal or as part of the evening buffet, why not double up and have a stack of cheese instead of a sweet wedding cake.

With such a huge variety of cheeses now available you are sure to find one for all of your guests and it can be decorated with a range of fruits, such as grapes, apples and pears, as well as chutneys and even cold meats.

And now say cheesecake 
If cheese is taking it a bit too far for you, how about a beautiful stack of cheesecakes? You could have three different types of cheesecake or perhaps even individual portions.  Whichever you chose, these can then be served to your guests as dessert, cutting the cost of your wedding day menu.  If cheesecake isn’t your thing, why not try gateau or even a nice big stack of profiteroles? 

Give your guests a slice of the action 
These days wedding presents are trickier to buy, with many couples already living together before the big day meaning there’s no need for a toaster, kettle or laundry basket.  Instead, why not ask your guests to contribute a cake that can be shared between the guests in place of a wedding cake?  You’ll end up with many different varieties and the cake table will look good enough to eat! 

Not such a dough-nutty idea
Who doesn’t like doughnuts?  The sweet treat loved by all can now be turned into a really creative wedding cake and what’s better is that they are the perfect sized portion.  Cleverly displayed, a tower of doughnuts can be considerably less than your standard wedding cake, but will certainly keep your guests entertained. 

Cake on a stick.  Enough said.
Almost unheard of until a couple of years ago, cake pops are the newest trend in cakes.  Small, perfectly formed balls of cake perched on a small stick mean that each of your guests can have an easy to manage, bite sized piece of your wedding cake.  Perfect for adults and children alike.

If you are feeling really adventurous, try lots of different flavours and decorations to make a pretty display for your top table.  Simple, effective and unique!

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