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Alternatives to traditional wedding canapés

Posted: Tuesday January 27, 2015

When it comes to choosing canapés for your wedding, or something for your guests to nibble on before the main meal is served, so they’re not starving and getting irritable whilst photos are being taken, there are many options besides the traditional vol-au-vent.

Depending on time of year, theme of your wedding and venue there are many alternatives to consider. For instance you could hand out little, mini meals that will get people talking and take the edge off their hunger until the meal arrives. Things like mini burgers or little paper cones filled with mini fish and chips or tiny grilled cheese sandwiches are a great and fun alternative.

You should also think about what time things are happening throughout your day to try and gauge how hungry people might be. If your ceremony is quite early or late then people might have recently had their breakfast or lunch so may only need something small to keep them going. In that case nibbles are also an option, from delicious, fancy flavoured breadsticks or cheese straws to flavoured popcorn could be enough for your friends and family to pick at.

The time of year and therefore the weather should also be strongly considered when picking alternate canapés. If you are having a winter wedding, why not choose something that will also keep your guests warm? For example you could have mini portions of hot soup or hot chocolate could be great to moderate your guests’ temperature as well as their hunger.However if your wedding is taking place in the summer months, consider trying to keep your friends and family cool, with ice cream or sorbet cones or fresh fruit portions, such as cold melon or pineapple. You must remember though that if the day is too hot these goodies will have to be given out pretty quickly or they could spoil in the sun!

If you and your partner have more of a sweet tooth then why not opt for sweet bites, such as mini key lime pies or meringues? Or something like mini cupcakes or doughnuts to keep your guests’ sugar levels up whilst waiting for the photographs to be taken and their meal to arrive.

Whatever you decide to have at your wedding, do remember your budget. If you are spending a lot elsewhere and need to keep this spend at a minimum then opt for a cheaper option. Think about what you enjoy eating and what will fit with the theme of your day, don’t just pick something that seems quirky and different if it doesn’t suit the ambience of your day overall.

For visual inspiration, do check out our Pinterest board: http://www.pinterest.com/braxtedwedding/alternatives-to-wedding-canapes/


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