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Posted: Friday January 08, 2016

“Will you marry me?” are probably the most wonderful four words that anyone could ever hear. A genuinely heartfelt sentence that brings two people together in a special moment that will be treasured forever.

We conducted a survey this time last year that showed that Christmas is a very popular time for people to pop that very important question so we want to hear about your engagement stories...

There are many ways in which people ask their beloved to marry them, some pull out all the stops to make it a rather extravagant affair, others like to create a public stir, while many prefer to create a more intimate event. However the romantic gesture comes about, you can always be certain that it will be a life changing and unforgettable occasion for the couple.

Here we share some engagement stories which have caught our eye:

The year long proposal
One man videoed himself proposing to his girlfriend every day for a year by writing messages to her on whiteboards and holding them up in a series of day-to-day situations around the home. Dean’s unsuspecting girlfriend, Jennifer was finally shown the video of his year-long effort as he got down on one knee at a beach, surrounded by their friends and family.

The policed proposal
Last year, a Metropolitan police helicopter happened to fly over a romantic engagement at just the right moment. The mystery couple were caught on the helicopter’s camera just as one of them stooped down onto one knee, surrounded by hundreds of candles spelling out “Will you marry me?” The snap was shared with hundreds of followers on the official Twitter page.

The very expensive proposal
One head-over-heels man spent a whopping £33,000 proposing to his girlfriend. The expenditure included a £16,500 diamond ring, a luxury hotel room, a helicopter drawn proposal message and a personal video crew to film the whole thing. Fortunately for him, she said yes!

Your engagement story
We would love for you to share your engagement story with us. Comment on our Facebook page to tell us how you proposed / were proposed to.

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