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Unusual Wedding Catering Ideas

Posted: Monday May 18, 2015

In recent years, the traditional concept of the wedding breakfast being a formal sit-down meal with three courses has changed completely, and we are seeing a surge in couples opting for more relaxed catering options, with many thinking of creative and fun ways to feed their guests.

A fabulous way to utilise outdoor space in the spring/summer and to celebrate your wedding in style, is to host a totally unique picnic. This is an exciting catering option to create an informal and relaxed wedding atmosphere, that is ideal for encouraging guests to mingle with one another. Try laying out pretty blankets or cloths and decorating the venue to show-off your personality. Fill up cute picnic hampers or baskets with a selection of breads, pastries, cakes, cheeses, fruits and other sharing snacks and finger foods. The possibilities are endless and to celebrate in style, don’t forget the mini bottles of champagne!

Food stations
Tasting stations are a hot wedding trend right now, giving couples the option to showcase their favourite foods and snacks to their guests by offering manageable, bite-size portions in a fun and interactive way. With a buffet-style set up, food stations give guests the freedom to move around and help themselves to the glorious assortment of food on offer. This way, everyone can enjoy a selection of their favourite foods, from locally sourced meat and freshly baked breads, to do-it-yourself pizza, taco or curry stands. Food stations are a fun way to add a unique touch of personality to your wedding, and with so many possibilities available, your guests will certainly be impressed with the assortment of foods you have on offer. Our favourite food station that is sure to be a success is the ice cream sundae station which gives guests a chance to create their own creamy desserts topped with their favourite flavoured syrups and sweets.

Late night snacks
When the party seems to be winding down, why not get the energy flowing again by wheeling a late-night snack tray into the dancefloor. Guests who have worked up a late night appetite can enjoy a delicious assortment of milkshakes, hot chocolates, warm cookies, mini pizzas and burgers as they dance the night away.

Personalised drinks are an exciting and trendy way of wowing your guests. You could try customising your bubbly with a modern and colourful twist by mixing in fruit purées, to create a unique cocktail which matches to your personal taste. Many couples are also offering drink sampling stations - from shots of different spirits, to wine tasting and craft beer sampling. This is another brilliant way of letting guests experience your personal tastes, whilst keeping within your bar budget.

There are plenty of ways to have lots of fun with your wedding catering and create a comfortable and easy atmosphere for guests to come together and share tasty plates of food and sample drinks. Keep it personal by offering a selection of your favourite treats, and give your guests something to look forward to outside of the traditional wedding menu.


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