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Wedding Favour Ideas

Posted: Tuesday January 06, 2015

Wedding favours are popular at weddings throughout the UK and are commonly given as small memento of the day or a keep sake from the couple to their wedding guests.  Today favours come in all shapes and sizes and are often used as part of the table decorations or centrepieces.  But the tradition of favours is actually centuries old and steeped in history.

It is thought that the first wedding favours were given out amongst the aristocracy in France and were called Bonbonnieres.  These would usually be given to weddings guests and would normally be a small box containing sugared almonds or other sweet treats.  This was at a time when sugar was considered a luxurious delicacy and the favours were seen to represent health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility.

The tradition of handing out favours at weddings spread across Europe, Spanish giving their guests a vase of orange blossoms, thought to be symbolic of fulfilment and happiness, the Italians giving chocolate and the Greeks and also handing out sugared almonds.

When wedding favours first came to England in the sixteenth century, couples would gave 'love knots' made of ribbons and lace to their wedding guests.

Today the options for wedding favours are unlimited and are often used as part of the table decorations.  A beautifully decorated placecard can make a lovely and inexpensive memento of the big day for guests, while a larger budget allows bigger favours such as sweets, personalised gifts and even lottery tickets,

Here’s some examples of wedding favours used at Braxted Park weddings:
• Cookies / biscuits –Presented in a clear bag and tied with a ribbon to match the colour scheme with a message from the happy couple.
• Miniature bottles of alcohol – a fun and appropriate gift to give to guests and you can even personalise the labels.
• Potpourri – this can be presented in a variety of containers such as clear boxes, tulle or small tins.
• Miniature wedding cakes – presented in a clear box and decorated with your names and the wedding date. A great keepsake or post-wedding snack for your guests!
• Scented candles – presented in attractive tins, small holders or wrapped in tulle to match your colour scheme.
• Fortune cookies – Buy these in bulk at an Oriental market, or make your own. For a little extra flair, dip them halfway in melted chocolate and dust with collared or theme-appropriate edible baking sprinkles.
• Potted flowering plants or seedlings – Guests can plant and watch grow for a constant reminder of the big day.
• Mini Jam Jars – These are extremely cheap and easy to make, especially if you make the jam yourself.
• Donate to charity – Instead of giving out favours, choose a charity to support and let your guests know by tying a tag around the wine glass stems on the table.

 For visual inspiration, why not check out our Pinterest board: http://www.pinterest.com/braxtedwedding/wedding-favour-ideas/?

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