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Essex's Most Romantic Couple married at Braxted Park

Posted: Wednesday November 30, 2016

We at Braxted Park Weddings are feeling very proud of Gordon and Sue Campbell-Barr who have just been crowned as Essex’s Most Romantic Couple in this year’s Essex Wedding Awards.

Gordon and Sue held their stunning fairytale wedding here at Braxted Park in the summer.

Weddings are always momentous occasions, but what makes this big day so special is that it was all planned by charming groom, Gordon. Here, he shares the story of his amazing, award-winning, fairytale wedding. 

“I met Sue at a BBQ last August (2015), after 33 years since we last saw each other in our art class at school. I knew straight away that she was the girl I would marry. In fact I felt sick (love sick) and left the BBQ. We met up again the following week without knowing, at a family gathering. This was when we started to talk properly. The following few days later, she went on holiday to tenerife with her two daughters. I kept in touch via messenger and FaceTime.

Actually whilst she was away, I chose and bought an engagement ring, as I knew in my heart that we would get married. I moved in with sue and the girls in October 2015, and proposed on Boxing Day, when all of our children were with us, and because it was my late mum’s wedding anniversary.

I then planned the whole wedding, everything apart from the dresses and flowers. I arranged the venue, table décor, cake, transport, gifts, and I even got the wedding bands made, with my fingerprint on hers and hers on mine, so that we would be together for ever. To celebrate our newly-wed status, I arranged a honeymoon to the Maldives, too.”

All together now… “awwww!”

Congratulations to Gordon and Sue Campbell-Barr, who are officially Essex’s most romantic couple of 2016.


Image credit: Kevin Taylor, HeadOverHeels Photography.

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