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Leap Year Proposals

Posted: Monday February 22, 2016

This year is a leap year meaning that the calendar has a total of 366 days instead of the usual 365. The additional date, called a leap day, falls on February 29th and this only comes around every four years. According to old folklore, this is the ideal time for a woman to propose to a man.

Some say this tradition of leap year proposals dates back to ‘St Bridget’s Complaint’ in 5th century Ireland. According to this account, Bridget, a young maiden, was displeased at the fact women had to wait around so long for a man to ask for her hand in marriage. Bridget supposedly took her complaint to St Patrick, and after much deliberation, he decided that a woman would be allowed to propose to a man every four years.

Since the first documented occurrence of a woman proposing on February 29th wasn’t until the 13th century in Scotland, others believe that Queen Margaret passed a law to make it legal. The ruling declared that any man who declined a leap year proposal must pay a compensatory fine, ranging from a pair of gloves, a single rose, a kiss or money.

Fast Forward to 2016, and we’re keen to see whether the tradition is still prevalent in modern society. If you’re a couple who have recently become engaged, please share your engagement story with us on Facebook and you could win a bottle of champagne: https://www.facebook.com/BraxtedParkWeddings/posts/10153299136331889

The below infographic from Sainsbury's Bank gives some great insight into what makes the perfect proposal, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


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