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Open Evening - Supplier Q&A

Posted: Wednesday November 09, 2016

Our very first wedding open evening is coming up at the end of this month, Thursday 24th November, from 5pm-9pm. During the evening couples will not only be able to see the stunning Braxted Park, all lit up as it is during the evening of a winter wedding, but they’ll also be able to meet a selection of our preferred suppliers who will be here to offer face-to-face advice and suggestions for your big day.

As the advice that can be received during an open day / evening is so essential for brides and grooms, we thought we’d ask a few of the suppliers that will be here on the 24th, a few questions about wedding planning and attending open evenings, to give couples some advice before the event.

Julia, W. Flowers:

Q1. What piece of wedding planning advice would you offer a bride & groom?

"Less is more. We love it when brides show us their Pinterest boards including their desired colours and other ideas etc. We can then work with the bride and offer suggestions to help create the perfect floral design” said Julia.

Julia went on to recommend couples invest in fresh flowers, as they stand out and make a real impact in photos, versus the faux and dried versions.

Q2. Why attend an open evening and what questions should people be asking?

Julia said, "that it's great to see the venue from a different perspective during an open evening and we can offer advice on what would work best for the date of your wedding. If you have chosen a winter wedding for example, we can provide advice on which flowers will be available and we can also include candles and candelabras, which can help to create real atmosphere at night.”

Q3. What 2017 wedding trends are you seeing?

Julia told us that they are seeing the following trends in 2017, “Pretty flowers in pastel colour schemes are still very popular, however it’s not so loose/boho/meadow arrangements now, but more structured and smarter floral arrangements.”



Patrick, Simply Photographic:

Q1. What piece of wedding planning advice would you offer a bride & groom?

1) Look at the quality of the images in portfolios from potential photographers, not just the content/people in the photos

2) Place value on the relationship you build with your photographer:

  • Bride and grooms spend more time with their photographer than any other supplier, as a rule of thumb, so make sure you speak to them as much as possible and feel happy and comfortable with them

  • If you're happy and comfortable with the photographer, you will get better photographs

3) A good photographer will listen to the bride and groom in the consultation phase but give direction on the day to get the best shots.

Q2. Why attend an open evening and what questions should people be asking?

Patrick said that he would “encourage couples to go to open events to meet with photographers in person so they can start to build on that relationship and see if they would feel comfortable having them at their wedding.”

He continued to advise to “look and feel the albums they have on display - get a feel for the style and presentation of the photos. You can compare the packages they are offering and you'll be able to compare between the standard and platinum package they are offering, for example.”

Lastly, “by meeting a photographer at the open evening - you know they know the venue well. Hopefully they would have shot there before {as Simply Photographic have, many times} and know all the best, secret, hidden places to get the best photographs that another photographer may not know about."

Q3. What 2017 wedding trends are you seeing?

  • Off Camera flash

  • Lots of lighting

  • At night, lots of external light - a nice feature to add to a wedding



Billy, Black Jacket Events:

Q1. What piece of wedding planning advice would you offer a bride & groom?

It’s so easy to get lost in every detail and let it consume your enjoyment of planning your day, While of course it is important to get it right, try not to stress too much. You are in good hands of the professional teams that you have secured for your day, let them do the work for you to ensure you and your guests are looked after throughout your big day.

Talking specifically about planning wedding food, Billy offered the following advice “When choosing the menu for your wedding day, go for what you like, if you try and think of all your guests you will be adding extra unnecessary stress on top of everything else! Relax and enjoy – it will all come together in the end.”

Q2. Why attend an open evening and what questions should people be asking?

Billy said “An open evening gives you the perfect opportunity to meet your suppliers face to face, which will help build a relationship between you and them. We, at Black Jacket Events, always remember the brides and grooms that we’ve meet at open evenings so it’s lovely to put a face to a name.”

He went on to say that “Open evenings show you the venue in a different light, dressed and ready to go, so even though it might not be in your colour scheme you can picture yourselves, the newlyweds, with your friends and family around you. Plus there will be canapés and Prosecco available…so what’s not to like?!”

Q3. What 2017 wedding trends are you seeing?

Billy told us that couples of 2017 seem to be looking for a more relaxed feel to their wedding day, for example, offering table sharing dishes to involve guests and get them talking to one another. He said “We also find that evening food is more of a focus now and we have so many different menus available to choose from. Couples are absolutely loving our world food menu at the moment and this is top of the list for our 2017 weddings.”



You can meet W Flowers, Simply Photographic, Black Jacket Events, and many more suppliers at our open evening on 24th November. Just head to the event page to download your exclusive invitation. We look forward to meeting you.


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