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Wedding lighting ideas for extra wow factor

Posted: Wednesday October 12, 2016

The air is getting crisp and the nights are drawing in which can only mean one thing - winter wedding season is in full swing. We believe this is a truly magical time of year, and would like to turn our thoughts toward the importance of lighting schemes at weddings during the Autumn and Winter months.

Lighting is of course an integral element to wedding decor all year round - it enhances the atmosphere and mood throughout the reception venue to create a real WOW factor. This can be captured in the photographs of your day to really take your photo album to the next level.


The glorious ambiance of the humble candle cannot be replicated by any artificial product on the market, and it’s cost effective, too. The key to styling candles within your venue is to think outside of the conventional box. Position candles inside jam jars and hang from branches or beams, or try floating candles in water filled vases or mason jars. For a showstopping contemporary centerpiece, consider placing different heighted dining candles into metallic buckets.

Fairy lights

If candles are not an option, fairy lights or LED lights are both cost-effective alternatives to bring about an equally majestic mood. There’s a real trend for fairy light curtains and bunting at the moment, or another classic option is to fill large glass fishbowls or vases with strings of twinkly lights for a pretty focus point.  

Festoon lights

Festoon lights are best styled into otherwise blank spaces, such as a marquee. Strings of these glowing bulbs can be threaded across the ceiling for a touch of striking ambiance, or if you prefer a more luxurious touch of glitz, incorporate chandeliers or Moroccan lanterns. Another option is to suspend Festoon strands from a single point so they point downwards to the floor, or at an angle to draw an impressive faux tent.


The perfect way to get all your guests mingling together is using pretty handheld sparklers. Have a chat with your photographer beforehand, to see if they can play around with the shutter speed and capture some impressive artsy shots like the image featured above.

Tiki torches

The warm glowing flames of a tiki torch offers a romantic vibe to transform any outdoor space and create a real talking point, too. Similarly, paper lanterns are a nice way to get guests together, while producing spectacular views.

In more ways than one, lighting is absolutely going to be your best friend. As well as complementing your themed decor, it can be an element of display in its own right.

If you’d like to see Braxted Park at night time, lit up in all its glory, please come along to our open evening on 24th November, between 5pm and 9pm.



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