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What does a 21st century bride look like?

Posted: Tuesday October 25, 2016

Hitched, Perfect Wedding and You & Your Wedding completed a survey among 3,000+ of their readers to reveal the following about couples in 2016...

The average spend on a wedding was revealed as £25,090, this includes the cost of the honeymoon, which couples are spending an average of £3,336 on.

The average number of guests in 2016 is 75 to the day, with another 26 coming in the evening for a total of 101 evening guests.

As we found in the survey we did back in 2014, the average age of couples is getting older, but in 2016 bride and grooms are on average, 33 and 34 years old, respectively. This has gone up from 27 and 28 for couples married since between 2005-2014.

The average time couples have been together, before getting engaged is now 4 years, and couples spend an average of 12 months planning their big day. Back in 2014 we found that the average engagement was 19 months but this declined as the age of the bride and groom got higher, so again, the pattern continues.

Interestingly, participants were also asked about their opinions on technology and social media during their big day and only 2% had an unplugged wedding with no tech or social, but 18% did the opposite and chose to have a wedding hashtag.





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